Mountains and valleys

(Volunteering in an orphanage in Jaipur, India)

We’d arrive back, somehow or other, from our day trips- a day full of adventure and beauty but truly, our hearts would ache to return to the children who, to us, were adventure and beauty embodied in these small vehicles of life. And we’d return to our Bal Sambal family with the best greetings i’ve ever known as there’d be hugs as the ‘babies’ raced down the empty corridor, the sounds of barefoot slapping against tile, to be remedied as we lifted them into our arms and swung them in circles until we were all dizzy enough to forget we were ever parted; until the questions began about our day. Broken English never hindering communications, tire vanishing as we began extravagant gestures and expressive voices met by little widened eyes who looked to us as if we were the mountains and they were the river valleys. Valleys relieved that their mountains had not left them


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